2020 Online Summer School

Given the ongoing circumstances, OIP decided to move its entire 2020 Summer Programme online. Regardless of the new venue, the quality and uniqueness of our teaching method will not be affected. The programme will remain to be highly effective, with a huge amount of online material, one-on-one Q&As and real-life tools and advice from the field of business. 

From the 2nd of August to the 15th of August, Oxford Investment Programme will take place for the 6th summer in a row.

The OIP is a specialized summer school for students aged 18 and above, with the main focus on Economics, Business, Accounting, Econometrics, and Economic Behavioral. In the previous years, students from all over the world met in Oxford, for a 2-week-long summer course, where they could learn about the real-life tools of economics and business from experienced teachers and fellow peers. This year, however, OIP is renewing itself.

We are living in the digital age, where being able to take control of our business and our everyday roles from a safe distance have never been more crucial. OIP realised the need for a new type of teaching method and decided to move its entire summer programme online. However, this change of venue only improves what we have in mind for the course. When the world is renewing itself, so are we. This way we get to focus more on what is important: the individuality of each of our student.

What will you learn?

At OIP we find it crucial to teach students a wide variety of real-life tools. Having solid background knowledge in different fields of business can make or break your future enterprise. 

Throughout our 2 week-long course, you will gain a good insight into:

  • Value investment

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Behavioural Economics

  • Opening and Managing a Portfolio

  • Analysing Balance Sheets

  • Executing a Business Idea

  • Company Law

Find a detailed description of what each of our class will consist of here.

Why is OIP different?

At OIP we believe in the power of human contacts. That even if social distancing is the safest choice, asking questions from each other, listening to each other and communicating with each other is the key to self-improvement. 

Our summer course won't simply give you lectures that you can take notes of and study later in your room. We are here to hear your opinion, see how you solve a problem, listen to and answer your questions, give feedback to your work and help you develop at your own pace. 

For 2 weeks in August, we will have Zoom classes, ready to discuss various parts of the business life. We have the experience on how to run an effective summer course, we have the knowledge on how to lead a business and we have the ability to answer your questions, listen to your opinion and further your knowledge.

What to expect?

Throughout our 2 week-long course you will receive 50 hours of online contact. The subjects covered will be fairly distributed with always at least one tutor of OIP being present.

Don't worry if you want to join us from outside Europe, we will adjust the time of the lectures to fit with the various students’ time zones as much as possible.

Outside of learning with top-tier instructors, who own great experience in their teaching subjects, you will meet a group of like-minded students. On top of this, you will get a chance to work individually with all instructors and also with all other participants.

As usual, OIP will end with our annual closing ceremony, this time it will also take place online. You can expect personal feedback on your improvement, guidance for future questions and a nice goodbye chat with your new friends. Last but not least, you will receive a graduate certificate after successfully completing our 2 week-long Summer Programme. By this, you will also become a shareholder in the Oxford Investment Portfolio.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us, let you have any question regarding our summer course. We hope to see you in August!

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